One of our members had great success quitting smoking by using a phone app, so we wanted to tell you about it. It’s called “Smoke Free,” it’s free, and it’s available on iPhone and Android platforms.


The Smoke Free app asks you to enter:

  • Your age
  • How many years you have been smoking
  • Your gender
  • The cost of your cigarettes or tobacco
  • The quantity in the packet
  • How many cigarettes you smoke each day
  • If you are using any other aids (electronic cigarette, patches, gum, perscriptions, etc.)
  • Your quit date

Once you enter the details, it will ask you to allow it to send you notifications. The notifications will tell you the benefits of quitting. Then the Dashboard appears, and it shows rotating and continuously updated information of the amount of money you’ll save in one year, life regained (minutes and days you’ve been smoke free), cigarettes not smoked, money saved, minutes smoke-free, and cravings resisted.



The app includes a diary that lets you enter if you’ve smoked since your last entry, how much you’ve spent on smoking cessation aids, how strong your cravings are, how many cravings you’ve had, and comments. This data is used to motivate you when it sends notifications; as well as for an optional feature that lets you participate in the app creator’s smoking cessation research for his PhD.

The Progress screen has reports for time, money, health, and cravings. The time report shows the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years that you’ve been smoke-free. The money report shows your total money saved per minute, and your daily savings. It tells you to “buy yourself something nice” and allows you to set a goal to save money for something want, using the money you saved by not smoking. The Health report shows how soon your pulse rate, oxygen level, and carbon monoxide level return to normal after you stop smoking; what percent of nicotine has been expelled from your body; how soon your taste and smell, breathing level, and energy level should have returned to normal; how soon your circulation and coughs and wheezing will improve; and when your risk of heart attack and lung cancer will be reduced. the Cravings report uses your diary entries to monitor your progress with reducing cravings.

The Missions screen allows you to double your chance of quitting by doing assigned tasks such as reading their note, answering a question, writing down reasons, or making a plan for how you’ll deal with triggers. Once you complete a mission there are different funny animated .gifs that play. It definitely makes you smile.

Having a support system is one of the factors that affects success in tobacco cessation. If this phone app can become part of your support network, it will truly help you in your effort to quit smoking or tobacco.

Take Control is also part of your support system, so don’t hesitate to talk to your health coach if you either want to quit, or are having trouble quitting.

Let us know if you try this app, and what you like or don’t like about it.

For more information and links to install the app, visit the Smoke Free App web site.

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