For Employers

Healthcare costs in the U.S. are astronomical, with employers shouldering the majority of the burden. Unhealthy employees can significantly increase not only a business or group’s healthcare premiums; but poor productivity and lost work time add to the cost, truly decreasing a company’s bottom line from multiple angles.


But there is good news: researchers have identified a direct link between healthcare costs and individual health risk. This gives employers a compelling business imperative to control health care costs through individual risk reduction and behavior change programs.*

Take Control is a health care company that works with self-funded health plan sponsors, data aggregation companies, and healthcare consultants & service providers. We provide a full range of disease management and health coaching services to help improve your plan participants’ health, reduce their overall health risks, and decrease healthcare costs.

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Disease Management and Health Coaching

Financial Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

* Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, “The True Cost of Poor Health,” 2008