Monthly Health Coaching:

Our health coaches build a supportive, trusting relationship with each participant. We are professionals with degrees, licenses, and training in nutrition/dietetics, public health, exercise or sports science, health education, corporate wellness, behavioral health, or a related field. We use proven theories of behavior change to empower our members to set realistic goals that allow for long-term health improvement, and lower overall health care costs.

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Each new participant with Take Control is enrolled in our Risk Reduction Program (RRP,) an intensive one-year program to modify behavior and reduce risks associated with medical conditions. Members meet with our health coaches monthly to assess needs, set goals, develop a plan, and monitor progress.

After graduating from the Risk Reduction Program, participants are transferred to our Education and Support Program (ESP,) where we continue to provide up-to-date information and support needed to maintain their good health.

Participants in our program gain knowledge and confidence about their health, and see improvements in their nutrition, fitness, lab results, blood pressure, sleep, and stress.

Diabetes Management:

Take Control provides disease management and prevention services to members with all types of diabetes: Type I, Type II, Pre-diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. Our education and counseling program helps acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to optimize both their self-management of diabetes and their quality of life. The program encourages voluntary participation in the 7 self-care behaviors recommended by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

For adult (and/or children) who have a diagnosis of diabetes, and are at increased risk for complications (A1c greater than or equal to 7.0%,) Take Control will arrange for medication and supply co-pay waivers with the member’s health care plan. Take Control can also help ensure that plan members receive appropriate A1C tests through their Wellness Program, if appropriate.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension):

Chronic high blood pressure puts a strain on the heart and can lead to heart disease or coronary artery disease if not treated.  Take Control provides education and counseling for group plan members with blood pressure greater than 140/90, following the JNC 7 Criteria.  Our health coaches provide lifestyle education and counseling to participants so that they acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to optimize their blood pressure, overall health, and their quality of life.

High Cholesterol (Hyperlipidemia):

There is a good reason why health plans conduct lipid panel screenings during their annual wellness checks. Identifying members with high cholesterol can help them address potential health problems early. Hyperlipidemia is determined by a total cholesterol count greater than 240, HDL less than 40, and/or LDL greater than 160. (Using risk factors and guidelines from the ATP III Guidelines.) High cholesterol can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and pancreatitis. Take Control provides lifestyle education and counseling to help plan members acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to optimize their blood lipids, overall health, and their quality of life.

Overweight, High BMI:

People with a Body Mass Index (BMI 0f 25 or higher might be overweight, depending on their lean muscle mass; and a BMI higher than 30 is considered obese. Measuring BMI has become an integral part of most wellness checks, as it is a strong indicator for a person’s likelihood of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, cancer, and arthritis. At Take Control, we educate members about the risks associated with a high BMI, create a road map of lifestyle changes full of nutrition, exercise, and mind/body connections to follow; and provide support and encouragement as they take steps toward reducing their BMI and improving their health.

Tobacco Cessation:

Take Control provides coaching and support for those who wish to top using tobacco products. We can help develop a plan that is effective and help you access benefits that save money on some costs associated with quitting. We provide encouragement, and help you identify, understand, and replace the mindset to break the addiction. Having another person for support and encouragement can help participants be more accountable for their progress. We can also assist participants in utilizing additional resources they might have available through their medical plan or employee assistance program.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Health:

Maintaining good health during your pregnancy is very important for both you and your baby. Take Control works with pregnant women both before and after the baby arrives to help mothers eat right, exercise, and monitor their routine lab results. Good nutrition is key for both mom and baby, so our dietitians educate our members on the best meal plans for expecting and postpartum mothers. In addition to general pregnancy, we also coach mothers who have gestational diabetes.