Here are a few things our clients are saying about their experience in the Take Control program:

“Take Control, I want to thank you for the help you’ve given me over the years. When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes nearly six years ago, my A1c was 10. At my doctor appointment yesterday, it was 6.2. Thank you for your support and education!”
— S.B., Billings, MT

“I so appreciate this experience, even though it has been challenging at times. Thanks to the wellness team, and to my coach Kat, who always “tells it like it is.””
— P.C., Missoula, MT

“Joining the Take Control program has been a small, but incredibly helpful motivator to keep up with my workouts and meal planning. I began working with a dietitian through this program who had a few recommendations, but having monthly phone conversations made me want to have something that I could tell her about at our next meeting. Each month we set small, achievable goals. It is great having someone to keep me accountable for these goals. The Take Control program has allowed me to now revamp my workout style and learn new things, while working with a personal trainer. I have been doing this for the past few weeks and am already feeling like this is going to be a new journey. I can feel my muscles getting more lean and toned with help from my trainer. He is teaching me practical ways to go about a week’s workouts without completely burning out my muscles every single day.”
— A.C., Missoula, MT

“I have just completed my year of Take Control and cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed it. I actually thought it would be a chore but found myself looking forward to the monthly coaching sessions. I really learned a lot about lifestyle choices and will continue to implement them as much as possible.”
— K.R., Butte, MT

“This really is, hands down, the coolest fitness experience I have ever had. The change in my life has already been huge and extremely positive – I can’t believe I have 6 more months to work on this…thank you for facilitating that.”
— B.P., Bozeman, MT

“It helped keep me on track. Suggestions on nutrition were helpful in lowering my blood glucose. Keeping in touch every 30 days kept me accountable. Now I know what is expected of me and I can keep it up.”
— V.H., Helena, MT

“I’m grateful for your expertise, and especially for this program. (Your) practical, straight-forward advice, combined with a tailored approach to meet individual differences, recognizing road-blocks and focusing on positive action plans is an effective approach for those of us trying to work on lifestyle changes and improve not only our weight loss, but fitness as well.  You are especially effective at phone consultation, (which) requires critical listening skills, the ability to establish verbal rapport with a stranger, and using intuition to hear those implied clues in a conversation. You focused on positive measures to tackle something that was an obstacle last month, and your support encouraged me to try again.  To be honest, negativity or criticism often drives people away from a program – however your approach is open, friendly, and positive – and it truly makes a difference.”
— B.A., Bozeman, MT

“I am feeling so good with all the exercise and diet changes I have been able to make – more energy, less fatigue, I am sleeping better, I can climb stairs and am not short of breath.”
-– J.S., Bozeman, MT

“I have talked to a lot of dietitian’s in my life and you are one of the best I have talked to. You worked with me, were creative, and did not have any set agenda.”
–- Katy, Bozeman, MT

 “I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help. We recently had an “It Starts With Me” meeting on our health insurance and changes this year. The presenter mentioned a coaching program for people needing encouragement to make changes. I mentioned that I was in a coaching program and my one biggest fear was not meeting my own goals, to the extent that I feared my meetings because I thought I would be chastised for not meeting my goals. I let the group know that was not the case, at all. I received praise for the goals I have reached and you even found success where I saw none. Then you would encourage me to keep after those goals I’d not completed. Now I look forward to my meetings and have found ways to stick with the changes I have started since joining Take Control. I have you to thank for that.”
— Anonymous Member

“I could have gone back to Weight Watchers alone and done okay but this program really helps because you guys are so positive and you just keep us going.”
— J.W., Whitefish, MT

“My awareness is much higher around the things I am trying to change.  The coaches add so much accountability. Now I feel more prepared to be accountable to myself.”
— L.G., Missoula, MT

“For the first time in my life I’m not on a diet and I’m happy.” “I’ve spent my whole life obsessing about my weight – being frustrated, angry, shaming and blaming myself.” –F.G., Billings, MT